Blood Alcohol Content Chart

We have chosen to include a BAC chart below for the public's use.

BAC charts are compiled using medical and scientific information. If you review BAC charts from different companies, they will have minor differences, but are generally similar.

As a server of alcohol, you must be familiar with the concept of BAC and how a chart can help you judge a customers BAC level. It must be EMPHASIZED that a BAC chart is simply ONE FACTOR to consider when making a decision to serve a customer alcohol. DO NOT use one chart as the sole means of making your decision. Every server of alcohol must make this decision on their own.

The Washington MAST Alcohol website and Professional Bartending Schools of America, cannot accept any liability for a server of alcohol decisions on the serving of alcohol.

Remember that all BAC charts will not help when a customer has consumed additional amounts of alcohol prior to your serving them. Use the chart below as a guide only when the customer has not consumed any alcohol prior to your serving them. As always, the server of alcohol MUST observe the customer and look for signs of obvious intoxication.

BAC Chart